Locations & Logistics

Zurich Bikepolo welcomes you to the European Hardcourt Bikepolo Championship 2019.
Please browse through this the information pages and feel free to ask us any question!


We made you a map with interesting spots like bike stores, courts, food and some other stuff. Click here!

Take your waste with you, keep the courts and woods clean. Behave well in public and especially(!!) in the swimming pool area. We want to set a good example, so act accordingly and don't do stupid things. Thanks!

Main Event:

Date: 19.07. – 21.07.2019

Court : Dolder Eisbahn, Adlisbergsstrasse 36, 8044 Zürich

Showers and locker rooms: both will be available during tournament hours next to the court.
There is a swimming pool that you can use! We ask you to keep everything clean!

Food and Beverages: Breakfast and lunch will be served by us, the rest you can buy at the court. More details here!

Wildcard Event:

Date: 17.07. – 18.07.2019

Court : BP Zürich Court, Hardhof 19, 8049 Zürich

Maybe there will be breakfast, but there are shops not too far away.

Your may use this court on any other day, if you wish!

Zurich by bike

Cycling on the footpath by a bike is only allowed when indicated.
To have only one brake on a bike is forbidden to have in traffic and you can be stopped by the cops, so behave well, use your lights, and follow traffic regulations!
You can be fined of more than 250 CHF if you get caught!


Swiss Railway - https://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html

Tram and Bus - https://www.zvv.ch/zvv/en/home.html (also bikes will need a ticket)

Be aware that we will give a discount on the registration fee for players who travel to the event by train, bus, or car-pool (fill up your car with as many people as you can)! We want to promote environmentally friendly travel and keep our carbon footprint low!

Useful phone numbers